Pilze sind eukaryotische Lebewesen, deren Zellen Mitochondrien und ein Zellskelett enthalten. In der biologischen Klassifikation bilden sie neben Tieren und Pflanzen ein eigenständiges Reich. Pilze sind mitunter eine der ersten Lebewesen, die diesen Planeten bewohnen. Diese Fotografien sind Impressionen dieser zauberhaften Pilzlandschaften. A fungus is a eukaryotic organism that is a member of the kingdom Fungi. The fungi are heterotrophic organisms possessing a chitinous cell wall. The majority of species grow as multicellular filaments called hyphae forming a mycelium; some fungal species also grow as single cells. The fungi are more closely related to animals than plants, yet the discipline of biology devoted to the study of fungi, known as mycology, often falls under a branch of botany. Although often inconspicuous, fungi occur in every environment on Earth and play very important roles in most ecosystems. These photographs are impressions of these enchanting mushroom sceneries.